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The Zombies are Approaching

It’s a busy week in the office this week and we’re out and about preparing for our first Zombie Run 2014 promotion this weekend. We’ll be at Worsbrough Country Fair with a small team of zombies, some fantastic makeup artists and a load of leaflets, ready to sign up some daring runners!

Behind our stall we’ll be holding a ‘mini zombie run’ with a couple of obstacles so you can try your luck at out-running the zombies – there might even be a little prize involved for all survivors…

It’s definitely worth coming along to if you’re free, there’s going to be lots of stalls from across the Barnsley area and loads of things to do. Hopefully we’ll have some good weather too so you can slap some sun cream on, grab an ice cream and enjoy a lovely summer British summer fair (just mind the lurking zombies).

I’d also like to take this opportunity to ask if there are any lovely people out there who fancy getting involved with some charity volunteering? We’re always so happy to get to know new people and there are lots for you to get involved with in the future. Whether you’re brave enough to get involved with the Zombie Run or fancy getting out and about to promote our charity or perhaps you’re a budding makeup artist who wants to get some experience in various fields, we can probably find something for you to do!

If you’d like us to take your name and add you to our volunteers list please drop us an email at either or

We’ve got a few fundraising events coming up over the summer and one of them involves a lovely Princess themed party for all your little ones to come along to. We’ll be giving out the details for this nearer the time but if you know anyone who’d be willing to help us out with doing a bit of nail painting and hair styling for the kids, please let us know.

We’re also on the lookout for a really good cupcake organisation to provide us with cute, tasty mini cupcakes for the event too. If you fancy sending us some samples, we’re always happy to oblige!

We hope you can make it to Worsbrough Fair on Sunday and we’ll be updating you all again very soon!

By Tanya Oates

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