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Tiny Hearts Appeal launches signed Ronaldo shirt auction

Barnsley Hospital Charity’s Tiny Hearts Appeal is to benefit from a framed Ronaldo shirt, signed by the Real Madrid player which has been kindly donated by local businessman Derek Carpenter. The charity will be auctioning the item through Ebay in November.

Although the current Neonatal Unit at Barnsley Hospital which provides special care to babies is fit for purpose, safe and provides quality care, the Tiny Hearts Appeal is a campaign which aims to raise £1 million to support the relocation and development of a brand new, state of the art Neonatal Unit, which will be situated alongside the Barnsley Birthing Centre. The new unit will enable the care team to adapt to each individual baby and their complex needs much more fluidly than before.

The item was kindly donated by well-known Barnsley businessman Derek Carpenter and is bound to attract a huge amount of Interest from football fans around the world. Former Barnsley FC goalkeeper Luke Steele has already made an enquiry on Twitter!

Derek says of how he came about the shirt:

“It’s no credit to me really. A colleague won it at a business event. One of his children had received neonatal care at an anxious time in his family’s life and I introduced him to the Tiny Hearts Appeal. He agreed it was a worthy cause and agreed to release the shirt for auction. “

The fantastic donation is now in the hands of the charity, and everyone now hopes the keen interest that already exists will result in a good outcome for the Tiny Hearts Appeal.”

The final, winning bid announcement will coincide with an annual celebration for World Prematurity Day.

Steve Wragg, Chairman of Barnsley Hospital Charity said:

“This is absolutely fantastic news and we’re really grateful to Derek for thinking about the Tiny Hearts Appeal. We look forward to seeing how well the auction goes and hope that it generates lots of interest.”

For further information about the Tiny Hearts Appeal visit the charity’s website or call 01226 431650

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