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Outreach Centre’s Gift of Love to Barnsley Hospital’s Neonatal Unit

The Christian Outreach Centre, based at Darton, Barnsley attended the Neonatal Unit at Barnsley Hospital on Tuesday 13 October to donate gifts of love to the unit.

Generous members of the outreach centre kindly helped Jane by donating brand new, unopened gifts of clothes, nappies, blankets and lots more for babies aged 0 to 3 months to the Neonatal Unit. Jane Hen, Jeff Baxter, Pastor of the Christian Centre and his wife Lillian Baxter presented the gifts to Steve Wragg, Chairman of Barnsley Hospital Charity and Ben Dockerill from the Neonatal Unit.

Jane Hen, organiser of the charitable event says:

“I decided to organise the events because when my son was born in 2003 he was transferred to Manchester with respiratory arrest. When we arrived, although they were absolutely fantastic, and provided us with some items to help us, they were unable to provide us with anything new.

Obviously we were extremely grateful for what we did receive at the time but it just highlighted that hospital’s need a little extra help in providing for the unplanned. That’s why I decided to bring some of the love from inside the church out into the community and purchase items that I knew would make a real difference. I thought it would help new parents during these often difficult times and help prepare them for the unplanned.”

The gifts were donated and will be stored on the Neonatal Unit to help support babies and their parents.

Steve Wragg, Chairman of Barnsley Hospital Charity says:

“This is such a lovely, thoughtful thing to do. These little things can often be overlooked and we’re extremely grateful to Jane and all those from the Christian Outreach Centre who donated something to the worthy cause. Huge thanks from everyone here at the unit and the charity.”

The centre plan to do this on an ongoing basis so if you’d like to contribute, please contact Jane on

If you’d like to support the Neonatal Unit with any fundraising, or make a donation, you can contact the charity office on 01226 431650.

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